Welcome to PPV Week! Every month we will be featuring some unique content centered around the biggest shows from WWE, AEW and beyond. This week we will be pushing out content geared towards the Stomping Ground PPV from WWE next Sunday.

According to the WrestleVotes Twitter account WWE are potentially looking at ‘shaking up’ the Stomping Ground card. As we mentioned earlier today WWE are struggling to sell tickets to the event. WrestleVotes has a fairly patchy history with rumor, however they have had some clear cut scoops that are seemingly reliably sourced.

WrestleVotes have stated that there are no changes that they can “confidently report on yet.” It is fairly unlike WWE to make brash changes to a card this close to the event, we only have one more RAW and Smackdown before Stomping Grounds.

Do you think that WWE will make any drastic changes to the Stomping Grounds card tonight and tomorrow? Let us know on our Social Channels via Twitter and Facebook.

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