– Above is the opening video package used for today’s WWE Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “The Fight” by The Phantoms was the theme song used for Crown Jewel.

– It’s worth noting that WWE did not announce an attendance number for Crown Jewel but Michael Cole did say that the King Saudi University Stadium was sold out.

– It’s also worth noting that WWE did not make many mentions of Riyadh or Saudi Arabia during the Crown Jewel broadcast on the WWE Network. The city of Riyadh was mentioned once at the start. WWE stopped mentioning the Kingdom by name on RAW and SmackDown several weeks ago once they were faced with the controversy surrounding the state-sponsored murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

– The man shown at the beginning of the Crown Jewel main broadcast in traditional Saudi dress (thobe) and introduced by Greg Hamilton was His Excellency Mr. Turki Al-Sheikh. Al-Sheikh is the Chairman of the General Sports Authority in Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation.

– As seen below, WWE issued a Twitter poll asking fans about their favorite Crown Jewel matches. With 19,031 votes, 49% voted for DX’s win over The Brothers of Destruction while 30% voted for WWE Champion AJ Styles’ win over Samoa Joe, 11% for the Shane McMahon’s World Cup finals win over Dolph Ziggler and 10% for Brock Lesnar winning the vacant WWE Universal Title over Braun Strowman.

– The Kingdom’s General Sports Authority tweeted these crowd shots from the stadium and noted that there was great attendance & atmosphere: