The idea of airing UK indie promotions on the WWE Network is back on, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It was first reported that WWE wanted to air Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) and PROGRESS Wrestling on the Network more than one year ago but Vince McMahon changed his mind and nothing ever came of the talks. At one point it looked like a deal was close to being finalized and the move was even discussed on a WWE investors call.

The Observer notes that an announcement, if they move forward with the project, would be made around the time of the WWE UK Title Tournament on June 18th and June 19th or at the event in London.

Triple H spoke with The Mirror in the UK earlier this month and said announcements were coming.

“While we are there at this UK event at the Royal Albert Hall, we will be making some announcements about the future of the UK Championship brand there in the UK and moving forward,” Triple H said. “That brand still remains very near and dear to me and it’s something I want to move on. It’s taking a little bit longer than I anticipated in getting things done and getting them done in the way I want them to get done … but it’s happening. It will be meaningful to everybody there and I look forward to showcasing the UK talent to the world.”

It was reported back in March that WWE still wanted to do run a UK-based promotion with local TV tapings for local programming, which would likely air on the WWE Network as well. Officials are also interested in opening a WWE Performance Center in the UK down the line with the idea of bringing UK talents to the main WWE Performance Center in Orlando to teach them how to train talents under the WWE style, and then have the UK trainers run the new PC.



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