WWE RAW Results (1/13/14)

WWE RAW opens with a video package showing Bray Wyatt talking about being excited that Daniel Bryan admitted that he needs him. He says he no longer hears you guys, he only hears Bray’s truth.

The Usos vs. Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan

From there, we shoot live to the arena in Providence, Rhode Island, the site of tonight’s RAW show. Michael Cole welcomes us to the event as The Uso’s music is playing and they are already in the ring. The Wyatt Family appear out of nowhere already at ringside, with Bray Wyatt rocking in his chair as Bryan, Erick Harper and Luke Rowan are standing next to him. We go live inside the ring and Bryan starts things off with Uso. Bryan and Uso battle for a few seconds until Bryan gets control of the offense and then tags Bray into the match. Bray picks up where Bryan left off and punishes Uso a bit before quickly tagging Bryan back into the match. The crowd is chanting “Daniel Bryan” loudly as he continues to pound away at the grounded Uso. Bryan and Bray are utilizing quick-tags as Bryan tags Bray back into the match. The duo are keeping Uso in their corner for the most part so far, and Uso has been on the receiving end of a one-sided beatdown throughout this match thus far. Uso finally makes a bit of a comeback and blasts Bryan with a big kick, allowing him to make the tag to his brother. Uso hits a Samoan drop on Bryan and plays to the crowd before smashing Bryan butt-first in the corner. Bray tries to interfere but Uso throws Bray and Bryan out to the floor. Both Usos hit a double-dive over the top and splash onto Bray and Bryan on the floor. Both Uso’s roll Bray and Bryan back into the ring and ascend to the top rope. Before they can hit their finisher, Harper and Rowan hit the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Bray and Bryan are disqualified.

Winners via DQ: The Usos

After The Match

After the match, Harper and Rowan continue to beat up The Usos, however The Usos manage to nail Bryan with a superkick and avoid any further punishment. They slide out the back door and walk up the ramp as Rowan and Harper stare them down from inside the ring. Their music stops and Bryan is shown looking angry as Bray yells at him to get up. Bray leans into Bryan, whispers something in his ear and smiles. Bryan drops to his knees and extends his arms out to each side, purposely allowing Bray to hit him with his Sister Abagail finishing move. Bray yells “I do this for all of us.” Rowan and Harper roll Bryan out to the floor as Michael Cole points out on commentary that Daniel Bryan sacrificed himself. The Wyatt Family music hits as Harper and Rowan carry Bryan up the aisle, with Bray leading the way.

– We head to commercial with a graphic that says “John Cena in action next.” Michael Cole points out that Cena will have his first match in 2014 next. By the way, there is no WWE Network countdown clock as promised yet.

Damien Sandow vs. John Cena

When we return from commercial, Damien Sandow is in the middle of making his entrance to the ring. After his entrance, John Cena’s music hits and the crowd erupts with their typical mixed-bag reaction. Lilian Garcia introduces Cena as he runs down the aisle and slides into the ring. Michael Cole excitedly mentions again that this is the first television match for John Cena in 2014. Cena has Hulk Hogan-colored boxers sticking up out of his shorts, by the way. Cena and Sandow trade holds early on, neither man establishing dominance in the match just yet. Finally, Sandow begins to control the offense as Michael Cole takes us to a mid-match commercial. When we return from commercial, Cena is in the middle of a comeback. Cena blasts Sandow with a few high-impact moves and then calls for his finisher. Sandow cuts him off and avoids it. Cena reverses a Sandow hold into an STF attempt, but Sandow avoids it. Sandow slaps Cena in what JBL is calling “The Royal Arch” which is basically a modified Sharpshooter. Cena launches Sandow high into the air and catches him coming down with a big neckbreaker. Cena goes to the middle-rope and nails Sandow with a tornado-DDT for a near fall. Cena hoists Sandow up for the A.A. but Sandow slips out the back door and rolls Cena up for a near fall. Seconds later, Sandow rolls Cena up for another near fall. A loud “let’s go Cena / Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out as Cena locks Sandow into the STF. Sandow makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. The announcers have been going out of their way to point out the fact that Cena is having trouble beating Sandow. Sandow slaps Cena in his own STF submission hold but Cena uses his freakish strength to stand up, while still in the hold, and shuffle him over into an A.A. Cena pins Sandow, 1-2-3. Cena wins.

Winner: John Cena

– A video package highlighting the WWE Network is shown.

Backstage Segment: Kane & Brad Maddox

Backstage, Kane and Brad Maddox are shown bickering. Maddox says there will be an Usos vs. Bryan/Bray rematch tonight in a steel cage. Kane says the door on the cage will be chained and locked, and he will be the only one with the key.

Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

Big Show makes his way to the ring. As he finishes up his entrance, Michael Cole takes us to a commercial. When we return from commercial, The Real Americans are in the middle of their entrance. It will be Jack Swagger taking on Big Show in one-on-one action, with Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter outside the ring. Zeb Colter is holding a sign of some sort. Big Show is dominating Jack Swagger from the word “go” so far in this one. Big Show is calling for the chokeslam already. He grabs Swagger, chokeslams him, and this one is done in under two minutes. Total squash. Guess they’re trying to make Big Show look like a monster again, trying to make him look strong for his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Winner: Big Show

After The Match

Antonio Cesaro tries to attack Big Show after the match, but Big Show notices him before he can do anything. Cesaro runs away. Big Show goes into the ring, where Zeb Colter is checking on Swagger. Big Show grabs Colter by the throat. Cesaro tries for a sneak attack again, but Show clotheslines him out to the floor. Big Show grabs Colter again, winds his arm up a hundred times, pauses for a solid 20 seconds or so, winks at Colter and finally blasts him with the knockout punch.

CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield

When we return from commercial, we see another Batista is coming type commercial. After that, we go live into the arena and the first thing we hear is “Oh you didn’t know?! …” Road Dogg talks that junk like only he can all the way to the ring. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are both wearing D-Generation X t-shirts. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls …” Road Dogg does his full routine as the crowd “sings along.” Billy Gunn finally has his turn. “If you’re not down with The New Age Outlaws, we’ve got two words for ya …” the crowd replies, “SUCK IT!” Road Dogg gets back on the mic and introduces CM Punk. Punk yells “it’s clobbering time” and heads to the ring as the crowd goes nuts. Next, The Shield’s music hits and out comes all three members from the crowd. Dean Ambrose and Billy Gunn start things off. Both guys fight back-and-forth a bit until Ambrose tags Seth Rollins in. A loud “New Age Outlaws” chant breaks out. Gunn hits Rollins with a tilt-a-whirl slam and then tags in Road Dogg. Rollins immediately knocks Road Dogg down and then tags Ambrose back in. Ambrose. A loud “you still got it” chant breaks out as Road Dogg dominates Ambrose. A “CM Punk, CM Punk” chant breaks out and Road Dogg tags Punk into the match. Punk picks up where Road Dogg left off, taking it to Ambrose. The Shield finally get in control, each taking turns beating up Punk. We head to a mid-match commercial. When we return from commercial, The Shield are still in firm control of the offense, beating Punk up from one side of the ring to the other. Punk finally gets an opening to make a tag. As he goes to leap and make the tag, both New Age Outlaws members jump off the apron, turn their backs to him and walk away. They head up the aisle and go backstage, leaving Punk alone to fight all three members of The Shield by himself. Punk turns around, fights as best he can, but is speared by Roman Reigns. 1-2-3. The Shield wins.

Winners: The Shield

After The Match

After the match, The Shield almost leave, but turn around. Roman Reigns lets out a roar. Ambrose and Rollins scoop Punk up, and Reigns and his Shield buddies nail Punk with the triple powerbomb for good measure.

Backstage Segment: Daniel Bryan & The Wyatt Family

Backstage, with the only light being The Wyatt Family’s latern, we see Bray Wyatt talking to Daniel Bryan. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are standing behind them as Bray continues to “educate” Bryan. Bray tells Bryan they will get redemption. Bryan says they’ll find monsters. Bray looks into the camera and says “run.” We head to commercial.

The Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

When we return from commercial, The Funkadactyls are finishing up their ring entrance. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka come out, and we’ve got ourselves a Divas tag-team match set to get underway. Emma from NXT is shown in the crowd. Cameron and Tamina start things off in this one. Tamina throws Cameron around like a rag doll until Cameron utilizes some speed to hit her with a couple of moves. Eventually, Tamina’s strength becomes too much for The Fuankdactyl, and Cameron now finds herself in trouble. Once Tamina establishes complete control, she finally tags AJ into the match. AJ skips around and then tries to pin Cameron. Cameron kicks out at two. AJ hits Cameron with a shining wizard and pins her. 1-2-3. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka win.

Winners: AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

After The Match

AJ Lee and Tamina continue their beatdown of Cameron until Naomi comes in and cleans house of both girls.

Backstage Segment: Randy Orton & Kane

Backstage, Randy Orton is shown looking for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. We head to commercial. When we return from commercial, Orton can’t find them, but runs into Kane. He complains a bit to Kane and then Kane interupts him. Kane says he can take his frustration out on Kofi Kingston tonight.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 Inductee

A video package is shown announcing The Ultimate Warrior as the first official inductee into the 2014 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Backstage, Renee Young asks us to welcome her guest, Paul Heyman. She introduces a clip from RAW last week of Big Show confronting Brock Lesnar. Young asks Heyman how she feels his client will fare against Big Show at the Royal Rumble. Heyman says Big Show is making a mistake by picking a fight wiith Brock Lesnar.

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

Lilian Garcia introduces the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton makes his way to the ring for a scheduled one-on-one match against Kofi Kingston. We head to a commercial in the middle of Orton’s entrance. When we return from commercial, Kingston makes his entrance. Lilian Garcia, who is looking particularly hot tonight by the way, makes this one official. Within seconds of the bell ringing, Orton has Kingston on the floor and is beating him up outside the ring. Back in the ring, Orton continues his onslaught. Kingston tries fighting back, but Orton cuts him off. Back on the floor, Orton tries to punish Kingston some more, but Kingston fights back. Orton rolls back in the ring. Kingston comes in after him but Orton trips him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Orton continues to slowly move around and dominate Kingston with ease. Kingston finally starts fighting back a bit. We head to a mid-match commercial as Kingston appears to be in control for the first time in the match. When we return from commercial, Orton is back in control of the match. After dominating Kingston for a few more minutes, Kingston manages to shock everyone by rolling Orton up and pinning him. 1-2-3. Kingston wins!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After The Match

Orton goes absolutely nuts after the match. He throws a big temper tantrum. Orton rips the cover off the RAW commentary table, and is shouting “do you think this is funny?!” Orton ends up attacking John Cena’s father at ringside. He beats him down onto the floor and is pulled off of him by security. Cena runs down to ringside, chases Orton, but Orton manages to run away. Cena’s attention quickly shifts to his father, who is still on the ground in the crowd being attended on by medics.

Backstage: John Cena And His Father

When we return from commercial we see John Cena with his father, who is on a stretcher, being wheeled into an ambulance in the parking lot. Cena asks if he can go with him.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Goldust and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring. Out next are Ryback and Curtis Axel. We have ourselves a tag-team match coming up next on RAW. The bell rings and Goldust and Axel kick things off for their respective teams. Axel gets control of Goldust a bit and then tags in Ryback. As soon as Ryback tags in, Michael Cole talks about Ryback going on a “weird” Twitter rant recently. The “Goldberg” chants are breaking out now as Goldust tags Cody Rhodes in. Rhodes hits a big moonsault on Ryback and then tags Goldust back in. Goldust hits Ryback a few times and Ryback tags Axel in. Axel gets control of Goldust and the heels seem to be in control of the match now. Axel beats up Goldust a bit and then tags Ryback back in. A light “we want Goldberg” chant breaks out and then quickly dies down as Ryback continues to go to work on Goldust in the ring. Ryback and Axel are utilizing quick-tags now to keep Goldust isolated and in their side of the ring. Goldust finally makes the tag to his little brother. Within a few seconds, Rhodes hits his finisher and scores the pin.

Winners: Goldust & Cody Rhodes

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rey Mysterio is shown backstage walking to the ring. Michael Cole announces that he’s next after the break, and he’ll be going one-on-one with Alberto Del Rio. On that note, we head to commercial. When we return from commercial, Rey Mysterio is making his way to the ring. During his entrance, we get a split-screen interview from earlier in the day of Mysterio telling everyone why he’ll be the one to win the Royal Rumble this year. Lilian Garcia introduces Alberto Del Rio in Spanish next. Del Rio makes his way to the ring, and here we go. As soon as the bell rings, Del Rio attacks Mysterio. Mysterio gets Del Rio in position for the 6-1-9, but Del Rio wisely rolls out to the floor. Mysterio flies out to the floor and splashes onto Del Rio. Mysterio hits a big splash off the top onto Del Rio in the ring. Mysterio blasts a seated Del Rio with a kick for a near fall. The fans begin chanting “6-1-9” in Providence just as Del Rio cuts Mysterio off and starts to regain control of the offense. Del Rio beats up Mysterio for a bit but then gets hit with a 6-1-9. Mysterio goes to the top for his finisher but Del Rio stops him. Del Rio blasts Mysterio with a superkick as he was dangling from the ropes. Del Rio slaps Mysterio in the Cross Armbreaker. Mysterio taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After The Match

Del Rio gets on the mic after the match and asks Batista “how do you like your friend.” He warns Batista that if he shows up at RAW next week, the same thing is going to happen to him. He talks about the Royal Rumble and says something in Spanish. Del Rio says everyone will stop talking about Batista and everyone will talk about Alberto Del Rio.

Backstage Segment: Kane & CM Punk

Backstage, Kane is shown talking on a cell phone. CM Punk comes in and Kane hangs up. Punk asks where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are. Kane says they aren’t here tonight. Punk thinks that’s convenient. Punk runs down the way he’s been screwed lately. Kane says Punk could main event WrestleMania. He says The Authority is giving Punk the opportunity to win the Royal Rumble match. Kane says if he has a problem with that, then you’ve got a problem with me. Punk says “I’m in the Royal Rumble match?” Kane says he is. Punk says he has no problem with that, but he does have a problem with Kane. Punk walks off.

Steel Cage Match
Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan vs. The Usos

The cage lowers in the arena. The Wyatt Family are shown backstage. “We’re here.” They make their way to the ring for tonight’s RAW main event. When we return from commercial, we see some of the New England Patriots in attendance at RAW in the crowd. Some video packages are shown of Orton attacking Cena’s father in the crowd after losing to Kingston earlier in the show. Michael Cole updates fans on Cena’s fathers condition. Cena’s dad has some sort of eye injury due to the Orton attack. After that, The Usos make their entrance to the ring for the main event. Following The Usos entrance, Kane comes to the ring with a chain and padlock. As noted earlier in the show, Kane said he was going to lock the door shot and he would be the only person with the key. The bell rings and all four men go at it inside the cage. The Usos get the upper hand early on. One of the Usos runs at Bray, but Bray ducks and throws Uso back-first into the steel cage. Both Bray and Bryan appear to be in the control now. Uso and Bryan climb to the top of the cage. Each guy is seated on the top of the cage now. Uso headbutts Bryan. Bryan falls down to the top rope. Uso is trying to climb to the outside of the cage, but Bray Wyatt stops him. Bray smashes Uso face-first into the cage and he falls down to the mat. Bryan and the other Uso are climbing the cage now. Uso hits a Russian leg-sweep on Bryan from the top rope. We head to a mid-match commercial. When we return from commercial, Bray and Bryan are both in control and are both beating up The Usos on opposite ends of the ring. The Usos fight their way back into control of the match as the fans break out in a loud “this is awesome” chant. Bray goes for Sister Abigail on one of the Usos, but the other Uso hits him with a superkick to stop him. All four guys begin to attempt to climb out of the cage. One of the Usos knocks Bryan off, and he bumps into Bray, who he accidentally ends up crotching on the top rope. One of the Usos splashes onto Rowan on the floor. The other Uso gets out as well. The Usos win again.

Winners: The Usos

After The Match

We see The Usos celebrating as they head up the ramp. Now we look back in the ring and we see Bryan and Bray. Bray, the same as earlier, leans into Bryan and whispers in his ear. Bryan again extends his arms and gets down on his knees. As Bray does the kiss spot of Sister Abigail, Bryan breaks his way out. The crowd goes absolutely nuts for that. Loud “Yes! Yes!” chants break out. Bryan slowly turns his head and looks at the crowd. Now a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant breaks out. Bray keeps yelling at Bryan “don’t do this, Bryan.” Bray gets on his knees now. He’s yelling at Bryan to do something. He stands up and says “that’s what I thought, you’re a coward!” Bray runs at Bryan but Bryan moves and starts firing away with punches at him. Bryan dropkicks Bray down to the ground. Bryan hits a bunch of “Yes!” kicks. The crowd, by the way, is going literally INSANE right now. Bryan takes off his Wyatt Family gear to reveal his old regular red gear. Rowan and Harper are shown trying to get in the cage but they’re locked out. Bryan blasts Bray over and over again with “Yes!” kicks. Harper is climbing up one side of the cage, so Bryan slams Bray into the cage to knock him off. He does the same with Rowan on the other side. Bryan leads the crowd in a big “Yes! Yes!” cheer. He runs and hits Bray with his running knee finishing move. Bryan climbs the cage. He sits on the top of the cage and leads the fans into a “Yes! Yes!” chant as his original theme music plays. The crowd pops huge again.