As we reported yesterday WWE posted an interesting image on Instagram featuring Sting and The Undertaker. The company appeared to be teasing a match between Sting and The Undertaker. For longtime fans this is one of the biggest ‘what if’ bouts in history. Both men are synonymous with the two companies that they represented through the 80’s, 90’s and 00′ – WCW and WWE.

It turns out that the image was used to promote WWE’s new web series ‘WWE Reimagined.’ The show is a ‘what if’ with several current WWE Superstars talking about potential dream matches and scenarios from days past.

Interestingly Sting had some comments on the potential ‘what if’ match against Undertaker. “There is no way The Stinger is gonna get tombstoned by The Taker,” Sting stated. “That ain’t happening. Not on my watch. What would have happened is a few stinger splashes, a death drop, and probably the deathlock. To have Taker at that time, I don’t think there would have been a chance for any kind of comeback for WWE at the time.”

We’ve seen WWE put certain Superstars in this situation before, ala CM Punk and Steve Austin talking a supposed dream match. But do you think that we could really see Sting vs The Undertaker?