WWE’s 24/7 title is arguably the most entertaining part of the company’s programming these days. PW Torch’s Tom Colohue recently reported that WWE are extremely happy with Carmella’s performances recently. Colohue stated that “the biggest argument for keeping the wild card rule is Carmella. She’s absolutely vital to the 24 7 scene.” He wrote that this came direct from a source

Maria Kanellis recently won the title and declared herself the first ever ‘pregnant’ Champion in WWE. It will be interesting to see how the company handles the Championship going forward, especially as they now have a Champion who cannot realistically be in any physical segments.

It was being suggested previously that Carmella would be ‘turning’ on R-Truth. Both have been two of the more entertaining acts in WWE over the past couple of months. With the success of the 24/7 Championship there is a chance that WWE opts to keep the two as a tandem. As soon as we have more on the story we will update you here.


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