WWE SmackDown Live Results & Discussion (10/31)

SmackDown Live

The October 31st, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown took place at the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA and was the latest stop on the road to Survivor Series.

- Tom Phillips is back on the job this week, flanked by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton at the broadcast table.

- Greg Hamilton introduces SmackDown Comissioner Shane McMahon, who comes out to kick off the show. He talks about RAW’s upcoming 25th anniversary milestone, and he has a chip on his shoulder about people looking down at SmackDown. He says they’ve been trying to change the perception about SmackDown being the #2 show, but it wasn’t enough. He says attacking RAW was the best way to make a statement, and he thanks all of the fans for their support. The crowd chants for Shane as he goes on talking about Survivor Series. Shane reveals that he will be the team captain for SmackDown in the eight-man tag at Survivor Series, facing Kurt Angle and his RAW team. Shane says that is then, but this is now, and it’s time to get the show started with a two of three falls match.

- Best of 3 Falls Match: Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler takes control early on after a stare-down. Roode comes back and blocks a dropkick, he attempts the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler escapes. Roode keeps the pressure on Ziggler and hits a blockbuster for a two count. Roode lays into Ziggler with chops to the chest, then tosses him outside. Roode follows him out, and the two brawl around ringside. The ref counts and they roll back in the ring, where Ziggler immediately hits a superkick for the three count and the first fall of the match. Roode picks up the second fall of the match after sending Ziggler head-first into the ring post, then rolling him up for the three count. It’s now 1-1. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, then Ziggler attempts a Fame-asser but misses. Roode drops Ziggler then goes for the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler escapes. Ziggler and Roode trade pin attempts until Ziggler hits a DDT of his own and both men are down. The two brawl around the ring until Roode fires up with a spinebuster on the former Spirit Squad member. Roode goes to follow up with the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler escapes again and this time counters with the Zig Zag for a two count. Ziggler goes for a superkick, but Roode evades it and they trade more pin attempts. Roode finally hits the Glorious DDT on Ziggler and pins for the three count to win the match. Roode will be going on to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Winner: Bobby Roode

- After the match, Roode does an in-ring interview where he says RAW is going down at the pay-per-view.

- The broadcast team hypes up Nakamura vs. Owens later tonight.

- The New Day is backstage in the Halloween spirit. Xavier is dressed as Jimmy Hart, Kofi is Brother Love, and Big E is Akeem The African Dream. They’re interrupted by Rusev and Aiden English, who don’t like Halloween and say that Rusev Day is a better holiday. Rusev dumps out Big E’s Halloween candy, so Big E challenges him to a match later tonight.

- Becky Lynch is backstage with Naomi, Charlotte, Tamina, Lana, Carmella, and Ellsworth. Becky says she’s tired of hearing about how SmackDown is the B brand, and plans to crush RAW at Survivor Series. Becky says they need to focus on beating RAW, so if anyone has any problems with each other, tonight is the night to air them out. Ellsworth grunts, and Becky sprays him in the face with a water bottle. Natalya walks in and says it’s too bad she’s not the leader of the team at Survivor Series, because she’ll be busy beating Alexa Bliss. She says every team has a weak link, and Becky should get rid of theirs. She taunts Charlotte and Naomi as maybe being the weakest links. Natalya tells charlotte not to crack under pressure, or else everyone will blame her for SmackDown losing at the pay-per-view.

- Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara: This one is a non-title match. Sin Cara has new entrance music. They lock up off the opening bell and Corbin shoves Cara back into the corner. they trade strikes and Corbin tries to rip off Cara’s mask. Cara warns Corbin and Corbin mocks him. Cara tries to mount some offense but Corbin decks him with a big boot. Corbin taunts the fans, then throws Corbin out to ringside. Corbin follows him out and throws Cara into the barrier, then goes for the mask again. Cara dodges a clothesline, and Corbin crashes into the barrier. Cara gets back in the ring and goes for a suicide dive on Corbin, but Corbin blocks it with a forearm shot to the face. Back in the ring, Corbin goes for the mask again until Cara fights him off. They end up on the floor again and Cara is really fired up now. He throws Corbin into the steps and stomps on him. The refs tries to pull Cara off of Corbin, but Cara tackles Corbin on top of the announce table and pummels on him until the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Baron Corbin

- After the match, Cara continues taking out his rage on Corbin. Cara pounds on Corbin, and as Corbin tries to retreat cara throws a chair at him. Corbin escapes through the crowd as Cara stares him down.

- SmackDown Tag Champs The Usos do an interview backstage where they talk about preparing for their match against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at Survivor Series. They say they’ll prove that they’re the A team of the so-called B brand. They say SmackDown is the true premiere show. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable interrupt, and inform The Usos that Shane is giving them a shot at their Tag Titles next Tuesday. If Gable and Benjamin win, they would get the match against Rollins and Ambrose at the pay-per-view.

- The Singh Brothers are backstage with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, and they’re heading towards the gorilla position.

- The Singh Brothers are out next, and they introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. they come down to the ring and Jinder gets on the mic. Jinder trashes AJ, and then turns his attention to Brock Lesnar. He says he put fear into Brock, and he will victimize The Beast at Survivor Series. He says after the pay-per-view, he’ll forever be known as the Beast Master. But tonight, he says Samir Singh will teach the disrespectful AJ a lesson. Jinder then speaks to his people in his language, but AJ interrupts.

- AJ Styles vs. Samir Singh: AJ and Samir have words in the middle of the ring, then Samir punches AJ in the face. AJ fires back and takes control. AJ quickly hits the Styles Clash on Samir for the win after a very short squash match.

Winner: AJ Styles

- Jinder and Sunil Singh attack AJ immediately after the bell. Jinder pummels on AJ on the mat, and the Singh Brothers join in on it. They take AJ outside and Jinder whips him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Jinder drops AJ with the Khallas, then poses wit hthe WWE Title. They go to leave, but Jinder has second thoughts and hits the ring again. He hits the Khallas on AJ again, then leaves while talking trash about AJ and Lesnar.

- Kevin Owens is backstage warming up with Sami Zayn. They talk about Shane making himself Team Captain, and bash the SmackDown commissioner. They talk about Orton and trash him for using a low blow last week, and Sami points out that Shane didn’t punish Orton for it. Owens says he’ll make up for it tonight by beating Nakamura, then leading SmackDown to victory at Survivor Series. Owens says Shane will owe them, and SmackDown will become his show — or rather, The Sami & Kevin Show.

- We see another promotional video for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan’s returns as The Bludgeon Brothers.

- Big E vs. Rusev: Rusev and English start to cut a promo and sing a song, but they’re interrupted by The New Day’s entrance. Rusev takes control of Big E early on afer the opening bell. Rusev puts the boots to Big E, but Big E turns it around and applies an abdominal stretch. Big E stays in control as he whips Rusev into the corner and stomps on him. Big E tries to send Rusev outside, but Rusev fires back at Big E and sends him out to ringside instead. Big E hits the ring post and is down on the floor. Back in the ring, Rusev continues beating down Big E. Big E comes back with a belly to belly suplex, then he dances and runs the ropes for the big splash. Big E goes to follow up wit the Big Ending, but Rusev escapes. Rusev comes back with a boot to the face, but Big E is the still standing. Rusev charges but Big E catches him and drops him with a side suplex. Aiden English runs up onto the announce table and starts singing in an attempt to distract Big E. Woods interrupts, and English jumps off the table and hits Woods. Kofi comes over and chases English into the ring. Big E grabs English and hits the Big Ending on him as Kofi leaves the ring. Rusev takes advantage of the distraction with a big kick for the three count.

Winner: Rusev

- Rusev and English head backstage together after the match, with English still selling the Big Ending.

- Sin Cara does an interview backstage where he talks about the important of his mask. He says it’s part of him, and it represents his family. He says Corbin did the most disrespectful thing he can do to a luchador by trying to remove his mask, and says he’ll do whatever it takes to defend his honor.

- Shane McMahon is backstage in his office with Rusev and Aiden English, who are going on about Rusev Day. Rusev says he’s earned a spot at Survivor Series, and English sings in support. Shane cuts them off and books Rusev in a match against AJ Styles next week, where the winner will get a spot on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.

- Now it’s time for a “Strangerer Things” edition of The Fashion Files with Tyler Breeze and Fandango. The Ascension are back, and it appears that they get beat down after seeing a photo on the wall of Luke HArper and Erick Rowan. We hear a voice say “let the games begin” as the segment fades to black.

- Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: The winner of this one joins Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. The opening bell sounds and these two go right at it. Owens rolls outside for a breather early on as Nakamura taunts him from the ring. Owens gets back in the ring and Nakamura drops him with a knee to the midsection. Nakamura takes Owens to the corner for more strikes. Nakamura backs up and charges forward, but Owens stops him with a boot to the face. Owens mounts a comeback, then the fight spills out to ringside where Owens throws Nakamura into the apron corner. Owens and Nakamura brawl around ringside, with Nakamura getting the upper hand. Back in the ring, Owens comes back with a superkick that drops Nakamura for a two count. Owns pummels on his opponent while he’s down, then starts yelling about SmackDown being his show. Owens hits a DDT for another two count. Owens keeps Nakamura grounded and delivers some elbows to the face. Nakamura fights his way out and starts throwing leg kicks at Owens. Nakamura sends Owens into the corner and follows up with an elbow to the face. He lays Owens across the top turnbuckle and hits a running knee strike for a two count. Sami Zayn now makes his way down to the ring as fans boo. Owens takes advantage of the distraction by rolling up Nakamura from behind for a two count. Nakamura fires back with a boot to the face for a two count of his own. Nakamura takes Owens up top for a superplex, but Owens escapes and slams Nakamura down for another two count. Owens tells Sami to prepare the announce table for impact, and he does. Randy Orton’s music hits and the heels look up to the stage, but Orton comes down through the crowd and gets Sami from behind. Nakamura takes advantage of the distraction by nailing a shot to the face of Owens then following up with the Kinshasa for the three count. Nakamura will now be joining Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

- After the match, Nakamura and Orton both admire their handiwork as Owens and Zayn are both laid out. We get replays. Nakamura celebrates in the ring as Owens stumbles up the ramp and SmackDown goes off the air.