WWE held their second show on the FOX Network this week. The Smackdown premiere last week saw some big matches and had a returning Rock to the blue brand. With such a strong opening rating (3.888 million viewers) it was going to be difficult to maintain that audience.

Well, it appears as though WWE and FOX took a major hit on week 2. The show drew 2.899 million viewers which equates to a nearly 25% drop in viewership week to week.

WWE are currently building to their Saudi Arabia show Crown Jewel. The company are bringing in former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez and Boxing Superstar Tyson Fury for the show. It’s clear that WWE are attempting to leverage the MMA and Boxing audiences for their multi-million dollar show in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it is possible that the push for more crossover talent has been fierce.

Saudi Arabia will also be hosting the highly anticipated Boxing rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr in December. WWE are clearly hoping that they can be at the forefront of a sports revolution in the Kingdom, even if this means potentially alienating some of their own viewership.



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