As we mentioned earlier in the day WWE are going to be streaming EVOLVE’s upcoming 10 Year Anniversary.

EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will air as the EVOLVE 131 event, on Saturday, July 13 from the former ECW Arena, the 2300 Arena, in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are on sale now. The live stream on the WWE Network will begin at 8pm ET. The special show will feature two former EVOLVE talents doing battle in the main event – WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. Akira Tozawa with the title on the line.

What’s interesting about this show is that AEW will be presenting their Fight For The Fallen show on the same night. We’ve mused about the threat AEW poses to WWE on the site for a while now, and it looks as though WWE might be taking some shots at their new competition.

WWE began their working relationship and talent exchange with WWN Live’s EVOLVE promotion back in 2015. Booker Gabe Sapolsky now works behind-the-scenes for NXT and the WWE Performance Center. Sapolsky previously worked under Paul Heyman for ECW.


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