As we reported a couple of weeks ago Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are now in Executive Director roles in WWE. Heyman has been overseeing RAW over the past two weeks but it is unclear as to when Bischoff will be beginning his time ‘in charge’ of Smackdown Live.

Heyman and Bischoff will be taking full charge over the next few weeks (still reporting to Vince McMahon). Reportedly there is going to be a ripple effect with regards to the creative direction of the company into the summer. This specifically relates to WWE’s second biggest show of the year, Summerslam. Plans that the company had for Summerslam already are ‘subject to change.’

This due to Heyman and Bischoff taking on the new roles.

We do not have any news of concrete plans for WWE’s Summerslam show as of writing. It was being rumored that the company were considering having an Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre match at the PPV. With Heyman and Bischoff making changes anything could happen heading into the summer.

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