WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze returned for a one-night NXT appearance back in December. ‘Prince Pretty’ faced then North American Champion Ricochet in a match for the belt. Breeze was unsuccessful in his attempt but the NXT faithful were extremely happy to see the star back.

Breeze has taken to Twitter and stated “I want the North American Title….” Interestingly the current Champion Velveteen Dream has far more in common with Tyler Breeze, and this could arguably be seen as a ‘dream’ match. New Day member Big E noticed the tweet and replied, saying that “fighting VD is nothing new to you.” You can make your own mind up on what that means.

With Breeze currently languishing on the main roster there is a good chance that this match actually happens. We have heard several Superstars state that NXT is the third brand. NXT Champion Johnny Gargano recently described NXT as the “main roster,” and that the belt is main roster worthy. The WWE Superstar Shakeup will be taking place on Monday and Tuesday as part of RAW and Smackdown. The company has never had an official draft for Superstars going ‘back’ to NXT, but maybe this would be a good opportunity to put Tyler Breeze back in the limelight.


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