WWE TLC 2017 Results & Live Discussion (10/22)

WWE TLC 2017 took place at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN on October 22nd.

TLC Kickoff Show:

- Renee Young welcomes us to the Kickoff Show panel featuring herself, Dave Otunga, and Peter Rosenberg. They hype up the TLC main event featuring Kurt Angle.

- The Miz cuts a promo in the back for his main event later, and says he’s tired of hearing about Angle’s accomplishments. Miz says he’s looking forward to demolishing Angle tonight because it’s a rare opportunity.

- Back to the Kickoff Show panel, Renee hypes up the inter-brand AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor match tonight. They mention that they’re both former leaders of “the club.” Peter Rosenberg hypes up NXT War Games on November 18th, the Saturday before Survivor Series.

- We see a promo video for Asuka’s debut. We then go to a backstage interview with Emma where she complains about how much hype there’s been for Asuka’s debut tonight. Emma says this is her first singles match on a PPV, and her spotlight is too bright for Asuka to overshadow.

- Kurt and Jason run into each other backstage and hug. Jordan wishes Kurt luck tonight and says he’s an inspiration. Elias interrupts despite Kurt asking him not to, and says the people need to hear him tonight, and he doesn’t want to be overshadowed by Kurt’s return. Elias says he wants a special musical performance tonight, and Kurt agrees but tells him to leave him alone right now. Jordan sarcastically thanks Elias for adding to the PPV, and Elias says at least he’s on the PPV tonight. Elias walks off as Kurt and Jordan look on.

- Drew Gulak has a megaphone and he takes over the Kickoff Show panel table. He says the powers that be cut him off the show tonight, and he has a plan to make a better 205 Live and cruiserweight division. He says he wants to fight chants, flying, flipping, and elaborate outfits, among other things.

- Mickie James does an interview backstage where she says she’s not the oldest female member of the roster, and says she’s confident going into her Women’s Title match tonight.

- AJ Styles does an interview backstage where he says his match with Balor is something that people want to see all over the world. He says tonight they’re going to show the WWE Universe what they’re all about.

- We go to the stage with Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T who introduce the upcoming Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox match.

- Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox: Alicia rolls outside for a breather early on, then back in the ring Sasha hits a Thesz Press and pummels on Fox. Sasha throws Fox around by the hair a couple times, then corners her against the turnbuckle. Fox begs for mercy, but Banks hits a big kick to the head. Fox rolls outside and throws a temper tantrum. Banks goes up top, but Fox shoves her off and she falls down to the floor. Fox hits a side walk slam on the floor at ringside, then slams Sasha’s head on the apron before rolling her back in. Fox holds Banks down in a headlock before throwing her back outside. The ref starts counting but Banks rolls back in. Fox appears to go for a headlock, but decides against it and pushes Banks down. Fox hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Headlock from Fox, but Banks fights out and hits a cross body. Alicia rolls up Banks, but Banks shoves her outside and Fox hits the floor hard. Back in the ring, Banks hits some right hands and then a hurricanrana. Banks throws a knee to the face, and Fox answers with a big boot. Fox goes for a scissor kick and misses, and Banks comes back with the Banks Statement for the win.

Winner via submission: Sasha Banks

- We see a video package promoting Kurt Angle’s in-ring return tonight.

- Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose do an interview backstage where the discuss teaming up with Kurt Angle tonight. Ambrose brings up that Angle hasn’t been in a WWE ring in a long time, and Rollins says they’re all ready for war.

WWE TLC 2017:

- The pay-per-view broadcast opens up with a video package going over Kurt Angle’s legacy, and his return to the ring at TLC tonight. We also see promotional videos for Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James, Asuka vs. Emma, and then footage of Kane’s return.

- Cole welcomes us to the Target Center, and we’ll be starting off with Emma and Asuka.

- Emma vs. Asuka: Emma ducks a clothesline off the opening bell, but Asuka comes back with am armbar until Emma reaches the ropes. Emma slaps Asuka across he face then starts working on her arm. They wrestle around the mat and Emma hits another slap to the face. Asuka hits a butt bump and then an ankle lock. Emma counters and sends Asuka out to ringside, where Emma follows up with a baseball slide dropkick. Back in the ring, Emma continues to beat down Asuka, and hits a cross body in the corner. Emma and Asuka start trading punches and slaps in the middle of the ring until Asuka drops her and follows up with a running knee to the face. Asuka follows up with kicks and a missile dropkick off the middle rope. More kicks to the face from Asuka, but Emma comes back with an elbow to the head. Emma hits a running knee of her own for a two count. Emma starts stomping on Asuka until Asuka grabs her leg and puts her in an ankle lock. Asuka then hits a German suplex and Emma rolls outside. Asuka comes out to the apron and Emma throws her down to the floor. Back in the ring, Asuka fires back with a kick to the head and then put her in the Asuka Lock. Emma taps out and Asuka wins her WWE debut match.

Winner via submission: Asuka

- The Miz is backstage with Cesaro and Sheamus, and they’re trashing Kurt Angle. Braun Strowman walks in and tells Miz to save the pep talk and stay out of his way, he’ll handle them all tonight. Kane appears and says he does what he wants, and if there’s anyone who will take the others out tonight, it’s him. Miz says there’s enough to go around as tonight is their chance to change the face of WWE. Braun and Kane walk off, then Miz and The Bar bump fists.

- Elias comes out to the stage for a song, but as he begins he gets interrupted by vegetables being thrown at him. The lights turn on and it’s revealed to be Jason Jordan throwing the produce at him. Jordan continues to heckle Elias before he leaves with his shopping cart full of loose vegetables. Elias isn’t happy and he leaves.

- Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann: Kendrick takes down Swann in the opening moments and gets control of the match. Gallagher tags in and Swann comes back with a dropkick. Cedric and Kendrick come in next, and Gallagher trips Cedric from ringside. Swann retaliates with a swanton bomb off the apron into Gallagher at ringside. Kendrick charges at Cedric but Cedric throws him outside and follows up with a big suicide dive. Back in the ring, Swann and Alexander double team Kendrick and hit a backbreaker. Swann gets distracted by Gallagher and Kendrick throws him down to the mat. Gallagher and Kendrick now take turns beating down Swann. Cedric comes in and the fight spills out to ringside where Kendrick hits a vertical suplex on Swann on the floor. Back in the ring, Kendrick hits two kicks to the face on Cedric, then locks him in the Hook. Cedric reverses into a pin, but Kendrick turns it back around into the submission. Swann comes off the top with a Phoenix Splash to break up the submission. Gallagher runs in and headbutts Swann, then Cedric takes out Gallagher and hits the Lumbar Check on Kendrick for the win. Cedric and Swann celebrate their win after the match.

Winners: Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

- Alexa Bliss does an interview backstage where she makes fun of Mickie James for wearing mom jeans and takes shots at her age.

- Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James: Bliss’ Women’s Championship is on the line in this one. Mickie takes down Bliss to the mat in the opening moments and rolls her up for a one count, and Bliss is getting frustrated. Mickie charges and Alexa and the champion retreats to the apron. Mickie pulls Alexa back in and continually throws her down to the mat by the hair. Mickie follows up with a running boot to the face for a two count. Bliss comes back with a shot on Mickie’s left arm, and she continues working on that shoulder. Mickie tries to fight back but Bliss keeps her grounded and continues to work on the bad shoulder. Mickie finally fires up and the two trade punches in the middle of the ring. Mickie hits a kick and both women are down. Mickie takes the champion down and rolls her up for a two count. Bliss hits the sunset flip powerbomb. Mickie goes up top but Bliss knocks her down and Mickie sells the shoulder again. Bliss goes up top for the Twisted Bliss, but Mickie moves. Mickie goes up top now and hits the moonsault for a two count. Mickie picks up Bliss but Bliss pulls her down face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Bliss immediately follows up with a DDT for the win to retain her Women’s Title.

Winner & still Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss

- Mickie does a post-match interview in the ring and says she gave her heart and soul in the ring tonight. She says it won’t be her last time in a Women’s Title match. Mickie high-fives fans on the way back and gets teary-eyed on the ramp.

- We see a Survivor Series promo video for November 19th featuring Jinder Mahal, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles and others.

- Rollins and Ambrose approach Angle backstage in his locker room. Angle says he couldn’t let Rollins and Ambrose go in a two-on-five match alone, and he had to step in to help them. Rollins and Ambrose hand Angle a Shield vest and say he’s part of the team, and Angle says “believe that.”

- Elias is back out to the stage to attempt performing his song again. He sings but stops when the boos become too loud for him to hear himself. More vegetables come flying at Elias from off-screen, and it’s Jason Jordan again. Jordan continues to throw vegetables and fruits at Elias until he leaves the stage. Elias runs off and Jordan waves at the crowd then leaves with his cart again.

- We see a video package highlighting the history between Elias and Kalisto fighting over the Cruiserweight Title. Enzo comes out next and cuts a promo but he lost his voice. He says his voice is the only thing he’s losing, because he plans to take back his Cruiserweight Title.

- Kalisto (c) vs. Enzo Amore: Kalisto’s Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. Kalisto backs Enzo into the corner and Enzo retreats to the apron. Kalisto grabs him back in and controls the match in the opening minutes. Enzo drops Kalisto off the top rope and stomps on him in the corner. Enzo throws Kalisto down to the mat then keeps him down with strikes to the head. Enzo goes up top but decides against doing a move and he just jumps down to his feet. Kalisto takes down Enzo but Enzo comes back with a kick. Enzo controls the next few moments until Kalisto throws him into the middle turnbuckle. Kalisto fires up and hits some kicks and a running hurricanrana. Enzo hits a thumb to the eye and comes back with some kicks. Enzo follows up with a boot to the jaw for the win to capture the Cruiserweight Title. After the match, Enzo gets on the mic and says he wants to give a big ‘thank you’ to himself, and a ‘no thank you’ to the crowd.

Winner: Enzo Amore

- We see a video package highlighting Jinder Mahal challenging Brock Lesnar for a match at Survivor Series. Lesnar will address the challenge on Monday’s RAW.

- AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor: Balor comes out as The Demon and we see a staffer in the background operating the smoke machine. Collar and elbow tie up off the opening bell, and Balor takes down Styles with a side headlock. AJ wrestles his way up but Finn drops him with with a kick. AJ gets back up and levels Balor with a dropkick. Balor locks AJ in a surfboard hold and then a chin lock. Balor and Styles trade strikes in the middle until AJ levels the Demon with an elbow to the face. AJ hits a flying forearm shot next for a two count. AJ follows up with a backbreaker and a kick. Styles and Balor trade strikes in the ring until Styles drops him with a kick to the head. Styles and Balor trade chops to the chest, then Balor hits a kick to the head that sends AJ falling outside. Balor follows up with a big suicide dive on AJ at ringside. Balor hits the Sling Blade, and AJ comes back with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. Balor dumps Styles outside and boots him in the face from the apron, then dropkicks Styles into the fan barricade. Styles and Balor brawl over the German announce table at ringside next. Back in the ring, Styles and Balor collide mid-ring and both men are down. AJ hits a series of strikes but Balor fires back with a Pele kick. Balor hits an inverted reverse DDT on Styles then goes up top. Styles hits a Pele kick on Balor and Balor is out cold on the top turnbuckle. Styles leapfrogs up on to the top rope and hits a Frankensteiner on Balor for a two count. AJ goes for a springboard 450 splash, but Balor rolls out of the way. Balor follows up with a running dropkick then hits the Coup De Grace for the three count. Balor helps up AJ after the match and they do the “too sweet” hand gesture before Styles leaves.

Winner: Finn Balor

- Elias is out once again, but this time he’s in the ring. Elias begins a song, but Jason Jordan interrupts quickly and we have a match.

- Jason Jordan vs. Elias: Jordan starts off strong and Elias rolls outside. Back in the ring, Elias takes down Jordan and puts him in a side headlock. Jordan catches Elias with a side suplex for a two count. Jordan hits Elias with a dropkick, and Elias comes back with a running knee strike. More strikes from Elias and a shoulder lock. Jordan fires back with right hands and elbows, then a spear into the corner. Another spear into the opposite corner, then a belly to belly suplex. Jordan hits another spear, then a side suplex for a two count. Jordan goes for a superplex but Elias knocks him down. Jordan hops back up but Elias knocks him down again. Elias hits a knee strike, then a scoop slam into the corner. Elias goes for a vertical suplex, but Jordan reverses into a small package pin for the three count.

Winner: Jason Jordan

- The Miz is backstage giving a pep talk to Sheamus, Cesaro, Kane and Strowman. Miz says they’re going to treat their opponents like garbage, and take them to the dump.

- Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro, Kane & Braun Strowman: Angle comes out through the crowd with Rollins and Ambrose as The Shield. Angle is wearing pants and the Shield vest. Angle, Rollins and Ambrose all hit the ring with steel chairs and they start laying everyone out. Kane and Strowman are the last two standing and they start beating down the babyfaces. Angle, Rollins and Ambrose get second winds and start teeing off on Kane and Strowman with repeated chair shots over and over. Ambrose and Rollins hit suicide dives in tandem on Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro at ringside. Angle rolls out to ringside and grabs a ladder, then beats down Strowman with the ladder. In the ring, Kane goes to chokeslam Ambrose, but Rollins makes the save with a shot off the top rope. Rollins and Ambrose hold back Kane and Angle hits him with a ladder. Sheamus and Cesaro get their second wind and start attacking the babyfaces. Strowman gets up too and starts laying out Angle, Rollins and Ambrose. Strowman goes to powerbomb Angle, but Rollins breaks it up with repeated chair shots on Strowman. More chair shots on Strowman, then they throw him into the ring post. They lay Strowman on one announce table, and Kane is on the other announce table. They then set up ladders right in front of the tables, and Rollins and Ambrose start climbing. Rollins and Ambrose come flying off the ladders, and they each crash into Strowman and Kane respectively through the tables. Angle grabs a steel chair and starts teeing off on The Miz with it at ringside. Cesaro and Sheamus throw Angle in the ring and start beating him down with a steel chair. They group up to powerbomb Angle, but Rollins and Ambrose make the save. Rollins and Ambrose take Sheamus and Cesaro out to ringside, while in the ring Angle hits a series of German suplexes on The Miz. Sheamus and Cesaro run in and Angle takes them both out with a series of German suplexes. Kane runs in and goes to chokeslam Angle, but Angle escapes and puts Kane in the ankle lock. Strowman makes the save and pulls Angle outside, then hits a running powerslam on Angle through a table at ringside. Medics come to check on Kurt as the heels beat down Rollins and Ambrose at ringside. The heels take Rollins and Ambrose into the ring for more beatings, as Kurt Angle is walked to the back by trainers. The heel take turns passing around the steel chair to beat down Rollins and Ambrose. On commentary, Booker T says Kurt Angle has been out of the ring for 11 years. Strowman misses a spear in the corner and Rollins starts firing up. Kane swings a chair for Rollins, but Rollins ducks and Kane accidentally hits Strowman. Strowman is not happy, and he shoves Kane across the ring. Rather than letting Kane and Strowman fight, Rollins and Ambrose jump in. Sheamus and Cesaro pull off Rollins and Ambrose, and they powerbomb Amborse into a table. The table doesn’t break, so they throw him into another table propped up in the corner of the ring. The Miz orders for Sheamus and Cesaro to take Rollins and Ambrose up to the stage. A garbage truck comes out from around the stage, and Miz instructs them to throw Rollins and Ambrose in the garbage truck. Rollins and Ambrose climb up to the top of the truck and jump off onto the heels below. Rollins and Ambrose chase Miz down but Kane attacks them from behind. Strowman comes over, but Kane still remember Strowman shoving him earlier so he starts fighting Strowman. Kane beats down Strowman and chokeslams Strowman through a section of the stage by the announce table. Strowman climbs up out of the hole, so Kane pulls down a whole string of chairs hanging form the ceiling onto Strowman. Rollins and Ambrose get up and attack Kane and Miz. Kane grabs Rollins and Ambrose and double chokeslams them through tables. Ambrose’s table didn’t break, just slide out from under him, and Ambrose landed hard on the stage floor. They go to throw Rollins and Ambrose into the garbage truck again, but they hear Strowman coming up out of the hole in the stage. The Miz begs Strowman to help him finish the match, but Strowman throws Miz into the stage screens. Strowman lays out everyone in his way towards Kane. Kane drops Strowman with a big boot, then the heels all start stomping on Strowman. They decide to throw Strowman in the garbage truck, and then The Miz instructs the garbage truck operator to hit the switch. The operator hits the switch, and Miz has a disturbed look on his face as the truck crushes Strowman with the garbage. Apparently Braun Strowman has been murdered. The heels take Rollins and Ambrose back down to the ring. They hit a DDT on Rollins, then a double team White Noise. Ambrose breaks up the pin, then gets stomped down for it by the heels. Kane goes for a chokeslam on Ambrose, but then Angle’s music hits and the Olympian comes down the ramp. Angle drops Cesaro, then hits an Olympic Slam on Sheamus on the ramp. Angle hits an Olympic Slam on Cesaro through a table on the ramp, then he hits the ring. Angle clothesline Miz to the outside, then Kane cotheslines Angle down. Kane goes for a tombstone, but Rollins and Ambrose hit the ring with chairs and they tee off on Kane. Rollins and Ambrose double spear Kane through the fan barricade at ringside. Back in the ring, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Angle for a two count. The crowd chants USA as Miz goes for another one, but Angle escapes and puts Miz in the ankle lock. Miz kicks off Angle to the outside, and Miz sells his ankle in the ring. Angle gets on the apron, and Rollins and Ambrose get on the opposite aprons. They hit the ring and Rollins hits a knee to the face, Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds, then Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Miz. They then hit the triple powerbomb on Miz and Angle pins him for the three count.

Winners: Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

- Angle, Rollins and Ambrose celebrate in the ring after the match. Rollins and Ambrose raise Angle’s arms in the air as TLC goes off the air.