It’s interesting to note that Bray Wyatt’s new “Firefly Fun House” segments on WWE TV include references to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) therapy. This according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The “Special place” phrase is said to be a standard coping skill used for trauma, according to one noted therapist. It was also noted that the art work of the house fire is related to trauma therapy. Wyatt putting his hands over his heart is said to be a reference to butterfly hugs, which are used for PTSD therapy involving bilateral stimulation.

There’s no word yet on where WWE is headed with these PTSD therapy elements, but it was noted that the idea, at least from a PTSD therapist’s point of view, is that Wyatt is now reformed, but still haunted by his traumatic past.

The new segments from Wyatt have been airing on both RAW and SmackDown for the past three weeks. We could see the new Wyatt character take a turn next week as Wyatt teased a reveal after this week’s segment on RAW, noting that he will “drop the answer to the game” then.

Wyatt wrote, “I have decided to drop the answer to the game next Monday. Some of you have come eerily close, but know one has cracked the code. Until the grand reveal I have decided to give some clues…. #FireflyFunHouse”

Wyatt posted a follow-up tweet to correct “know one” to “no one.”

For those who missed it, below are Wyatt’s clues and full tweets:

1. Treat it more as a poem than statement
2. It begins with a question, answered vaguely several lines later.
3. Limbo