Backstage Reason Why WWE Isn’t Planning To Bring Rey Mysterio Back To TV

Posted by Matt Boone August 24, 2014 6 Comments

While things could always change, as things stand now, WWE isn’t planning on bringing back Rey Mysterio to television once his current hand injury heals.

According to one source, WWE is more focused on preventing Mysterio from doing anything further with the Mexican-based AAA promotion, or any other promotion for that matter, than utilizing his talent and ability for their own company.

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    • David

      So let me get this straight, the WWE are having money problems and are looking to get rid of talent and backroom staff in order to increase profits. Yet they still continue to hire Rey Mysterio, and in turn they are paying his wages, which would be a hefty sum of money but won’t actually use him? What are they gaining by continuing to pay him if they aren’t going to make him actually compete? Sounds like Vince has more money than sense…oh wait, he does!

      • Guest

        How do make a guy with injuries wrestle?

    • Matt Rayfield

      The problem is Vince has the money, but the WWE as a whole does not and they don’t want him gone because he can’t stay healthy enough to finish the contract he signed to when he was healthy enough to do so. So they want him to stay on until he finally stays healthy enough to do so.

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        da fakk u talkin bout

    • FightFan

      Proof that the WWE higher-ups’ pettines knows no bounds. They are preventing Mysterio from returning to AAA by extending his contract without permission, claiming he has been too injured to fulfill his dates, and yet they are not even letting him compete, spending thousands of dollars in the process.

    • Phil

      Retire already. Rey has nothing left to prove, his hall of fame credentials speak for themselves and nobody gives a sh*t about him anymore.

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