Becky Lynch became the first ever joint RAW and Smackdown Live Women’s Champion last night. The ‘Irish Lass Kicker’ defeated both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event of WrestleMania 35. This was the first time that the Women’s Division Superstars have main evented a WrestleMania show.

Rousey appeared on WFAN’s Boomer and Gio to discuss her win and Ronda Rousey’s WWE run. When asked how she defeated Rousey with a pinfall the Champion replied “Because this is my sport, this is my turf, my territory.” Lynch went on to say that “Ronnie is a tourist in my industry and now her tourist visa has expired, she can get out of here. She can get out of here! The Man has come to collect some debts, she collected them, she gained a little weight, but it looks good on her. Filled her out a little bit.”

Becky was also asked if Rousey disputed the finish to the match. Lynch asked “was she disputing anything? No, what can she say? She knew I beat her. Her [mom] was there, she was a little upset over all the things I said about [Ronda]. And I was like, ‘Your daughter had it coming. Now get her out of here!'”

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription