Enzo Amore and Big Cass returned to Madison Square Garden this past weekend when they invaded the G1 Supercard event. The duo appeared at the NJPW/ROH co-branded show seemingly from the crowd as legit invaders, however this has since been scrutinised due to the security in the building being very slow to react to the two men’s presence.

The team are now being referred to as Free AgentZ and have changed their names to nZo and caZXL. The former WWE Superstars recently speak to Sports Illustrated on their G1 Supercard ‘invasion’ and how they reformed as a tag team.

Enzo Speaks

“It’s a dream come true to do what we did, and that’s have a fist fight in Madison Square Garden,” Enzo stated. “We walked out of there on our own terms, with our middle fingers in the air, on the first card not by a McMahon in over 60 years. … We’re going where we want, when we want, and nobody can put a filter on us now. Our goal is to be the top act in the entire world of pro wrestling. In the social media era, we’re the f—ing Road Warriors. We’ve got nothing else to lose, so we’re going to take it all. We’re still certified, we’re still bona fide, and we’re still the realest guys in the world.”

Cass Speaks

Big Cass also commented on the two men’s past differences. Cass stated that “we’ve had our personal differences and we’ve had our professional differences, and it’s no secret that we had a falling out. We’re both fighters, we’ve been fighting our whole lives, and we’ve especially been fighting these past two years.”

Enzo also described how he felt following Cass’ recent health scare. “It’s been well-publicized that Cass had a health scare and suffered a seizure at a House of Hardcore wrestling event. Once I saw that footage, I thought about my friend—a guy I traveled the world with and had experiences that I can’t share with any other human—and I couldn’t risk losing that forever. Pride aside, I reached out.”

Enzo also made some very interesting comments, referring to the team as the “real life nWo.” Enzo stated that “we are now business owners of our brand with creative control over our work. We own our own music, artwork, and merchandise. We have a television show in the works, and I can’t wait for the world to see it. … This is the real-life nWo. We are not signing any exclusivity contracts, we are not signing a non-compete. We have all the right in the world to promote ourselves shamelessly and have as much fun as we want. If fans want to see us in a ring, then let their voices be heard.”