Graphic Photo From Kevin Nash’s Recent Surgery, Jerry Lawler Wrestles Jeff Jarrett At NBA Game (Video)

- We noted before how WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash underwent a right knee replacement in early December. Nash, who is scheduled for the RAW 25th Anniversary show later this month, took to Instagram this week and posted a graphic photo from surgery, which included more than 20 staples. You can see that photo along with other recent photos of the knee below:

- We noted before how WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was set to appear at Friday’s Memphis Grizzlies NBA game for Wrestling Night as the Grizzlies went up against the Washington Wizards. Lawler’s appearance included a quick wrestling match against Jeff Jarrett, who recently completed a rehab stint thanks to WWE. After a guitar shot, Jarrett ended up defeating Lawler in the match to take the Grizzlyweight Championship. Below are photos and videos from the event: