Photos: Dark Segments At The Manhattan Center For RAW 25

There was no dark main event after the WWE RAW 25th Anniversary show went off the air at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn but there was a special dark segment for fans at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.

That dark segment, which took place after Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated The Revival with DX, Sean Waltman, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall and Finn Balor at ringside, saw new WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz cut a promo on DX and The Balor Club. Miz has traveled from the Barclays Center to the Manhattan Center following his big title win over Roman Reigns. Miz ran down DX and The Balor Club, promising not to invite them to the RAW 30th Anniversary special. RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins then came out, which caused the fans to chant ROH. Rollins cut a promo on The Miz and acknowledged winning the ROH Title in this same building, saying he was proud of it. Miz then cut such a good promo that the fans turned and started cheering him on. The segment ended with Rollins hitting his Blackout curb stomp on Miz as a big “suck it!” chant rang out from the crowd.

Triple H then cut a promo to thank fans and the DX theme song played to send everyone home happy.

There was another dark segment that took place following the DX segment at the Manhattan Center with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Flair commented on making the mistake of returning to WCW after being at the Manhattan Center for three RAW shows, and talked about how he was lucky to be back with his friends for RAW 25. He put over the members of DX, Waltman and Scott Hall, noting how Shawn gave him the best send-off in the history of sports for his retirement.

Below are a few photos from both segments: