WWE SmackDown Live Results & Discussion (11/14)

The November 14th, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC and was the go-home show for Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

- This week’s broadcast opens up with the entire SmackDown roster backstage with show commissioner Shane McMahon. Shane hypes up Sunday’s pay-per-view and gives his crew a pep talk heading into the show. She mentions Triple H joining Team RAW, but he’s not worried because SmackDown’s team is the best Survivor Series team ever assembled. Shane says no one can stop them now - not Kurt Angle, his sister Stephanie, and not The Shield. The New Day members talk about accepting The Shield’s challenge to a fight, and they start a “SmackDown rocks” chant.

- Tom Phillips welcomes us to the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, and he’s joined by Corey Graves and David Otunga on commentary.

- SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring and we see a replay of him being attacked by Kane. Bryan says he feels lucky to be here after the chokeslam from Kane, and it was his own fault for going to RAW alone. He says he should have known better when he saw that Stephanie McMahon was backstage that something would go badly for him. He says RAW is afraid that SmackDown is going to hit them back harder on Sunday, and that’s why they added Triple H to their team. Bryan says RAW is embarrassed by the fact their 25th anniversary is coming up and they were just ransacked by SmackDown. Bryan says there’s a good chance RAW will strike back tonight, but SmackDown is ready. Bryan says they’ll prove on Sunday that SmackDown has the superior performers, and he mentions John Cena being on their team. Speaking of top performers, Bryan introduces the WWE Champion AJ Styles. Bryan says he’ll be AJ Styles’ personal advocate tonight, since RAW’s champion Brock Lesnar has one. Bryan imitates Paul Heyman’s introduction and cuts a promo about how AJ will beat Lesnar on Sunday. Bryan says AJ will find a way to beat Lesnar and prove tht SmackDown is the “A” show, and the house that AJ built. AJ’s music hits and they head to the back.

- United States Champion Baron Corbin and Sin Cara are seen (separately) backstage getting ready to head to the gorilla position.

- Jinder Mahal confronts AJ Styles backstage after the commercial break. Jinder tells AJ that his loss to Lesnar on Sunday will be nothing compared to what Jinder will do to him to win back the WWE Title after Survivor Series is said and done.

- Baron Corbin (c) vs. Sin Cara: Corbin’s United States Championship is on the line in this match, and the winner of this will also face IC Champion The Miz on Sunday. Cara strikes first right off the opening bell and delivers a flurry of strikes to Corbin. Corbin fires back and drops him, taking control of the page. Cara tries to turn things around and starts kicking out Corbin’s legs. Corbin drops Cara down face-first, then smacks him around and talks trash to him. Cara fights back with strikes and hits a springboard back elbow. Cara knocks Corbin outside and follows up with a suicide dive through the ropes onto the champion. Back in the ring, Cara looks to keep the momentum going. Corbin goes for a chokeslam backbreaker, but Cara escapes and hits a cross body for a two count. Corbin comes back and hits the Deep Six for a two count of his own. Corbin fights up and sends Corbin back out to ringside. Cara hits a second rope moonsault onto the Champion on the floor. Back in the ring, Cara goes for a Swanton off the top, but Corbin moves. Cara lands on his feet and Corbin catches him with the End Of Days for the three count.

Winner & still U.S. Champion: Baron Corbin

- Corbin celebrates in the ring with the strap after the match as Sin Cara recovers at ringside.

- We see members of the Charlotte Hornets sitting at ringside at the Spectrum Center.

- The commentary team introduces a new video package looking at what lead to the SmackDown vs. RAW matches at Sunday’s Survivor Series.

- Shane and Daniel Bryan are backstage and Shane talks about how important cohesion is to the show, and says they might have to have a talk about that after Sunday. Bryan reiterates that he doesn’t agree with attacking RAW, and says he doesn’t appreciate being attacked by RAW as a result. Bryan walks off and Shane looks concerned.

- Natalya (c) vs. Charlotte: The Women’s Title is on the line in this one, and the winner will face RAW’s Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss on Sunday. The opening bell sounds and this fight is evenly matched in the opening moments. They fight into the corner, and as the ref separates them, Natalya hits a cheap shot. Natalya unloads with strikes on Charlotte and they will out to ringside. Charlotte throws Natalya into the barrier, then brings things back into the ring. Charlotte hits a big boot and goes for a pin but Natalya rolls back outside. Back in the ring, Natalya drops Charlotte and puts her in a surfboard submission. Charlotte escapes and starts delivering chops to the chest of the Champion. Natalya fires back with a discus clothesline for a two count. Natalya boots Charlotte down again and works on keeping the challenger grounded. Flair manages to come back with a spear out of nowhere for a two count. Charlotte tries to follow up with a Figure Four, but Natalya pushes her off into the turnbuckle. Natalya fires up and attempts several pins on Charlotte. The Champion is now getting frustrated and goes for the Sharpshooter. Charlotte fights out and blocks a discus clothesline, answering with a suplex in the corner. Charlotte hits a big boot and Natalya drops to the outside. Charlotte hops up on the fan barricade and goes for a moonsault, but Natalya knocks her down and into the ring post. Natalya works over Charlotte more on the floor before taking things back in the ring. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter again and locks it in. Flair tries to reach the ropes but Natalya drags her back in the middle of the ring. Charlotte finally reaches the ropes to break the hold, and Natalya stomps on her as the ref warns her to back off. Natalya charges at Charlotte, but the challenger side-steps and throws Natalya outside. Natalya rolls back in and immediately walks into a big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight in the ring to win via submission.

Winner and new SmackDown Women’s Champion: Charlotte

- Charlotte does an interview after the match where she talks about winning the Women’s Title and gets a “you deserve it” chant from the crowd. Charlotte thanks them and says she’s going to make Bliss bow down to the queen at Survivor Series. Charlotte says she knows her dad Ric Flair is home watching like he does every week and dedicates her match tonight to him. The music hits and as Charlotte starts to make her exit, Ric Flair himself comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Charlotte runs up and they embrace before heading backstage together.

- The Usos are backstage heading towards the gorilla position. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are also shown backstage.

- We see a new video package hyping up Erick Rowan and Luke Harper’s returns as The Bludgeon Brothers. They return next week.

- Jimmy Uso vs. Chad Gable: The Usos cut a promo before the match about facing The Bar on Sunday. The opening bell rings and Uso unloads on Gable with offense, sending him out to the ringside floor early on. Back in the ring, Gable starts working over Uso’s knee and keeps him grounded. Jimmy comes back with a Samoan Drop and now has control of the match. The fight spills out to ringside again, and this time Jey confronts Gable on the floor. This leads to Jey kicking Shelton at ringside, and then in the ring Jimmy takes advantage of the distraction and superkicks Gable for the three count.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

- After the bell, The Usos head up the ramp with mics and talk more trash as Shelton checks on Gable in the ring.

- Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are backstage getting ready for their match against The New Day. Owens gives Zayn a pep talk and mentions SmackDown being The Sami & Kevin Show. Sami seems appreciative and corrects him, calling it The Kevin & Sami Show.

- The New Day comes out first and cuts a promo about their match against The Shield on Sunday. They talk about how they actually care about their teammates, while The Shield members have all already turned on each other before. They say after Survivor Series, The Shield won’t be together anymore, but The New Day will. They start a “New Day rocks” chant as we go to commercial.

- The New Day vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens: Woods and Zayn will start this one off. Woods and Big E trade quick tags early on for the Unicorn Stomp on Zayn. The New Day continue to use double team moves on Zayn to control the opening moments and get a two count early on. Sami fights back and rams Woods into the corner with Owens. Owens tags in and they return the favor, double-teaming Woods and beating him down. Woods ends up dodging a shot from Owens and dropping him across the rope. Woods follows up with a dropkick to Owens, then Big E tags in. Big E beats on Owens and scores another two count before he tags back in Woods and slams his own partner onto Owens’ body. Sami runs in but Woods drops him and sends him outside. Woods goes for a suicide dive, but Owens trips him up and takes him out to ringside himself. Owens drops Woods on the floor, then hits a senton drop. Owens continues to beat on Woods at ringside before taking him back in the ring. Back in the ring, Owens and Zayn take turns working over Woods until Big E finally gets the hot tag. Big E unloads with suplexes on Zayn and Owens, then dances over Sami before running the ropes for the big splash. Owens runs in but Big E throws him into a kick from Woods. Owens falls outside and Woods hits a suicide dive on him. The Shield’s music hits, and everyone looks for them around the arena. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose appear in the crowd wearing RAW & Shield t-shirts sewn together. The Shield hits the ring and all Hell breaks loose.

Winners: No contest

- The Usos come out to face off with The Shield but they get beat down. The New Day comes back into the fight but The Shield fends them off until RAW Tag Champs Sheamus & Cesaro come in through the crowd to join the fight in the ring alongside The Shield. The camera cuts backstage where Alicia Fox, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Bayley are in the building. They barge in the women’s locker room and start fighting with the women of SmackDown. They beat down everyone and save the new Champion Charlotte for last.

- Back in the ring, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil all hit the ring to join the fight on behalf of RAW. The SmackDown roster comes out to put up a fight. Shane McMahon knocks Balor off the apron in the commotion. The Hype Bros and Ziggler are out next to help SmackDown. Kurt Angle appears on the stage next, and he’s got Braun Strowman with him. Strowman charges down the ramp and starts decking SmackDown stars left and right. Strowman hits the ring and drops Nakamura, throwing him to the floor. Shane hits Braun but it does nothing, and Braun drops Shane with one shot. Braun heads out to ringside and slams Ziggler into the barricade. The Shield has got Shane in the ring with them and they taunt him as they watch the SmackDown stars get beat down around ringside. The Shield now beats down Shane and holds him for Sheamus to kick him. Joe breaks Woods’ trombone over Big E as Kurt Angle enters the ring. The Shield holds back Shane as Kurt grabs him by the face and asks him how it feels. Kurt tells Shane to just wait until Sunday if he thinks this is bad. Angle gives The Shield the thumbs down signal, and on queue The Shield delivers a triple powerbomb to Shane. Strowman has now run out of people to beat up and he’s looking antsy. Kurt Angle now grabs Shane and delivers and Angle Slam to McMahon. The Shield powerbombs Shane again, and Angle talks more trash to the SmackDown commissioner.

Angle, Strowman, The Shield, and the others from RAW now start to leave up the ramp. Some SmackDown stars crawl into the ring to check on Shane, as the RAW roster stands tall on the stage and SmackDown goes off the air.