WWE Stressing Over TNA TV Taping?, Sami Callihan Moving To Main WWE Roster

Posted by Matt Boone November 22, 2013 5 Comments

- According to reports, one person backstage at Thursday’s WWE NXT television tapings noted that it was shocking how much WWE officials were stressing over the fact that TNA was taping Impact Wrestling head-to-head with WWE in the same general area.

- Independent pro wrestling star Sami Callihan, who is now working in WWE NXT under the name “Solomon Crowe,” is apparently being considered for a spot on the main WWE roster. The word going around is that WWE is thinking about bringing Callihan up to the main roster as part of a tag-team combination.

[Credit: F4WOnline.com & PWInsider.com]

  • Kage

    It’s because WWE DOES view TNA as competition. EVERY wrestling company is ‘competition’ to WWE.

    • troll

      I wrestle with teddy bears in my backyard. FEAR ME WWE

  • debra

    why should the wwe be nervous after all they screwed themselves.

  • yoyo

    Now with their insider (Hogan) gone, they’re scared.

  • Pick Rick

    Why should the WWE be nervous. It’s TNA. LOL!!.. That company that Dixie Carter is currently trying to unload on someone else.

    TNA has never and will never be a threat to the WWE.

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