3 Winners & Losers From WWE SmackDown (11/14)

The November 14th, 2017 episode of WWE SmackDown took place at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. It was the go-home show for WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s SmackDown:

6Charlotte Flair (Winner)

Charlotte Flair faced Natalya tonight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The winner of the match would go on to represent SmackDown against Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series. Charlotte had the match in control but made a critical mistake when she went for a Moonsault off the barricade. Natalya was ready for it and slammed Charlotte into the ring post.

Natalya then brought Charlotte back into the ring and locked in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte screamed in pain but was able to will herself to the bottom rope to break the hold. Charlotte battled back and connected with a big boot. Charlotte then applied the Figure Eight for the submission victory. After the match, Charlotte dedicated the match to her father and raised the SmackDown Women’s Championship.