Batista wrestled the last match of his career this past Sunday. ‘The Animal’ took on his longtime rival Triple H in a match where The Game’s career was on the line. The two men had faced numerous times in the mid-2000s, with Batista taking the win every time that the two met in single’s competition.

Batista took to Twitter recently to praise Triple H and the effect that he had on his career. A fan had mentioned Batista’s 2005 bout against Triple H for WWE’s Vengeance event. The Animal mentioned the tweet and stated that “I said it before and I’ll say it again… made me a star. Thanks for posting that. I’m proud as hell of our rivalry. We beat the hell out of ourselves and each other for the love of this business.

We recently reported that Batista had hung up is in-ring boots. The now Marvel franchise star had stated privately that he has always wanted to end his career against Triple H, and now the WrestleMania match has come and passed he has done just that.

Triple H saved his career in winning the bout, he is expected to return to the ring for WWE’s upcoming event in Saudi Arabia, a market where part time Superstars are in greater demand.