WWE Superstar Roman Reigns made his return to the ring this past Sunday at WrestleMania. The ‘Big Dog’ took on Drew McIntyre in a winning effort. It now appears that Roman’s next feud will be against another performer who took a big win at WrestleMania.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Roman Reigns’ next feud will be against the WWE Superstar who retired Kurt Angle, Baron Corbin. Dave Meltzer confirmed that the feud is likely to develop in the coming weeks, saying ““It looks like Baron Corbin is being groomed for Roman Reigns, which least explains his win over Kurt [Angle],”

Corbin’s big win over the sure-fire Hall of Famer in Kurt Angle came as a shock to many. The RAW Superstar has been somewhat languishing in the mid-card. This has been since he was removed as the GM of the Monday Night show. A feud against one of WWE’s biggest names could help to build his character on television.

It was notable to many fans on Sunday night that Roman Reigns had a fairly lukewarm reception. Reigns’ match against Drew McIntyre came late in the show and followed the fantastic Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston match. This could explain how quiet the crowd was. Last year’s Mania was headlined by Roman and he was booed vociferously by the crowd against Brock Lesnar. Since Roman has returned from his leukemia battle he has received a good reception from crowds across the country, so it will be interesting to see if the reaction on Sunday was an anomaly.