5 Best WWE TLC Matches Ever

WWE TLC 2017 airs this Sunday on the WWE Network. The Shield will face an uphill battle when they challenge The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman and Kane in a TLC match. There have been some great TLC matches and some not so great TLC matches in the past. Here are the 5 best TLC matches of all-time:

4Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles (WWE TLC 2016)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose had an awesome TLC match at last year’s WWE TLC PPV. Unfortunately, the match ended in ridiculous fashion with James Ellsworth costing Dean Ambrose the match. However, it was still one of last year’s more entertaining matches and definitely lived up to the TLC name.

One of the more memorable spots in this match was when Ambrose slammed a ladder right into AJ’s face. It looked absolutely brutal. AJ Styles hit an incredible springboard  450 Splash onto Ambrose outside the ring. The match concluded with James Ellsworth turning heel and shoving the ladder over when Ambrose was about to win the match. Dean crashed through tables set up ringside and that allowed AJ to pick up the win.