Bobby Lashley Shares Thoughts On CM Punk Possibly Fighting In UFC Again

Bobby Lashley, who teams with King Mo to take on the team of Moose and Stephan Bonnar at next Sunday’s Bound For Glory 2017 pay-per-view in Ottawa, Canada, recently spoke with the folks at Hannibal TV about CM Punk’s MMA debut against Mickey Gall at last September’s UFC 203 pay-per-view.

Regarding Punk’s loss to Gall in the co-main event of the UFC PPV, which emanated from Cleveland, Ohio, Lashley noted that he still made a lot of money and put his balls on the line, something he feels should be commended.

“Yeah, Punk got beat up in his last fight,” said Lashley. “Who cares? He made a lot of money, he trained his ass off, and he stepped into that cage.”

As far as rumors of Punk being back in training camp with head coach Duke Roufus at Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a potential second MMA bout, Lashley again claimed this was something fans should respect about “The Best in the World.”

“Punk lost his first fight,” said Lashley. “He tried and they say that he’s going to take another fight. I’m like, more power to you man. Go out there and fight. sh*t, if you lose, it doesn’t even matter.”

Lashley continued, “We have to start encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and start doing new things. Anything anybody does new, there are a bunch of naysayers.

“Everybody wants to be a critic. A critic without the actual accolades to be a critic. When I go to Japan, they don’t care if you win or lose; they just want to see a good fight. If you go out there, train your ass off, and fight, then people should applaud you no matter what.”

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