Former WWE Superstar CM Punk and Colt Cabana are currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit. This case stems from the fallout of Punk’s legal battle with WWE and their doctor Chris Amann. The defamation case taken out against Punk and Cabana was subsequently won by the two wrestlers. This was driven by Punk’s comments in an Art of Wrestling podcast back in 2014.

Colt Cabana’s legal filings had originally alleged ‘breach of contract’ and ‘fraud’ against Punk. This was due to Punk allegedly promising to pay for Cabana’s legal fees for the case and then subsequently deciding against it. The fraud claim was dismissed on March 16th of this year by the presiding judge Daniel J Kubasiak.

The lawsuit is currently ongoing as a ‘breach of contract’ case. CM Punk filed his first official response to the allegation on April 8th 2019. Cabana claims that Punk’s agreement to pay for the legal fees via text message was legally enforceable despite it not being confirmed formally. Punk’s position is that covering Cabana’s legal fees was “a gesture of friendship and generosity” and does not constitute a legal contract. The judge agreed that the initial text message did not constitute a legally binding contract.

This could be seen as a small victory for Punk. However there is an email that is taking the case in a different direction. Punk’s legal counsel sent an email that reads “[d]espite your unwillingness to contribute to your legal fees. I am still prepared to represent you. And [Punk] is prepared to have me represent you and cover your legal fees going forward, as long as there is no conflict between you and [Punk] that prevents me from fairly and ethically representing you. At this time, I don’t believe that any such conflict exists…”