AEW talent and Executive Vice President Kenny Omega recently spoke to Gamespot about his new role in All Elite Wrestling. Omega also talked about how the company is currently “understaffed.”

Difficulties of Being an EVP - Omega

When describing the difficulties of being an EVP Omega stated that “it’s the stuff that you don’t really see. I mean the tech stuff. Some of the set design. Those are things that are new to me, and even agenting matches or working on foreign visas, things like that, these are all things that are very new in my world, and these are the things that keep me awake at night. So, I mean, when we’re thinking about how to plan the show, what order things should go in, how to produce a show, timing-wise and all that, working on sponsorships, selecting the arenas, working on the advertising aspect of it.”

Omega elaborated further, saying “and then, you know for me, kind of being the sole Japanese liaison right now, not only am I having to do that during the day, during normal North American hours, I have to be awake for the Japanese time zone. And I have to work with our ladies and men up there to get their visas sorted out, to make sure that they’re feeling comfortable, make sure their flights and their travel’s squared up, hotels, et cetera, et cetera.”

AEW Is Understaffed

When discussing the culture of AEW Omega described the company as ‘understaffed.’ “[…] right now, we are understaffed. But every week that goes by, we’re finding new talented people. We’re configuring this team and building a team that really wants to join this project and be successful with us.”

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