Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and AEW star Kenny Omega appeared on the Ross Report podcast this week. Omega discussed the early stages of AEW and how it is being seen as a “trial period”. Kenny also discussed with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross how his recent time off has helped heal some of his ongoing injuries. When discussing AEW Omega stated that “this is going to be a little bit of a trial period.”

Kenny elaborated further, saying that “we’re going to try out some new things and some may hit the mark big time. Some may miss the mark big time. Who knows? But this is going to be something very new and we’re all very to give it a kick of the can. And you got a little taste of it at ALL IN, and this will be just the followup and we’re going to swing even harder and hit that ball even farther.”

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

Omega will be taking on Chris Jericho at the upcoming Double or Nothing event in Las Vegas. The ‘Cleaner’ and former member of the Bullet Club was regarded as one of the hottest free agents in wrestling. With AEW able to offer high wages there could be a litany of performers flock over to the fledging company in the coming months.