As we previously reported, WWE Writer Robert Evans was apparently fired from WWE this past WrestleMania weekend. The current rumor being circulated is that Evans was fired by Vince McMahon as the boss’ name was mentioned during the Hart Foundation induction. McMahon has strongly stated over the years that his name was not to be mentioned in any induction speech. This even includes praising the WWE Chairman. D-Generation X made a joke during their speech mentioning this exact ‘rule.’

PWInsider is now reporting that the situation was more of a “you can’t fire me, I quit” scenario. Evans apparently quit WWE when it was clear that the company was looking to fire him. The now former WWE writer has taken to Twitter today to issue an ‘official statement’ on the situation. This purely states “I quit WWE.” You can check out that tweet below:

This news comes as 2019 WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” BG James has stepped down as the co-lead writer for WWE SmackDown, also according to PWInsider. James informed WWE officials that he was stepping down on Wednesday as WrestleMania 35 Week came to an end.